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  • Is a place to share new ideas and old knowledge on what do to with old computer equipment.
  • Was created on 05/01/2011 and will be updated over the next few weeks.
  • Is mobile device friendly. Tested on iDevice's and Android Smart phones.
Some Ideas
  • GreenCycledPC understands why the need for recycling old computers and electronic equipment is important. Part of a good recyling plan, is how to recycle, how to get old parts, to how to rebuild them, and even how to give them to others.
  • The idea here is that we can help avoid filling up landfills, by recycling of parts, rebuilding/reusing, to what education on the what's, how's, and why's.
  • The ideas mentioned here are for those purposes.

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The Wiki and Forum

  • The reason for combining a Wiki with a Forum is so that the ideas can be shared on the forum's and once the idea has matured, it can be put into the wiki for easy viewing and reference.

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